Ubuntu 14.04 mdadm raid failure to boot due to failure to mount /root

A few days ago I had a drive fail in my software raid 1 array. Figuring this would be no big deal, I powered off the server, swapped out the bad drive for a good one and powered it back on. (and made sure to tell the bios to boot off the second good drive)

Initially things look to be loading great however I was suddenly dropped into busybox shell with the following message.

I attempted to mount the array manually but got an error that the device or resource was busy

I booted up with a live CD and could browse and access the data just fine.

Things that didn’t work but put here because it could help someone else:

From a live CD I tried running an fsck which reported back no errors. I forced one just to be safe however had no luck.

I mounted the array to /mnt, chrooted to /mnt and ran an initframfs-update.

I stumbled upon this bug which turned out to be the issue and the suggested solution worked great.

From my live cd and chrooted to the array.

Then rebooting was enough to get the OS to properly boot.


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