Elastic Load Balancing to VPC instances on a private subnet

Generally, when creating an elastic load balancer inside a VPC you are load balancing to a set of servers that are inside a public subnet (which routes through the IGW device). Each of these instances has it’s own elastic IP and while elastic IPs are free you may want to move your web servers inside a private subnet to avoid placing a public IP on them.

I have had discussions with amazon support and generally gotten mixed responses. The documentation is not exactly clear in the required configuration. First, the important thing to understand is that when you create a load balancer you are essentially creating hidden instances inside that subnet which have two IPs (a public and a private). If we wanted to have our public load balancer able to serve traffic from a set of servers on a private subnet then we need to create public subnets for the hidden elastic load balancer instances to live in.

Let’s say we have three webservers. Each of these are in a different availability zone and existing inside a private subnet which routes traffic through a NAT device. These instances do NOT have public IPs.

Hostname IP Address

We need to create three public subnets with the following address spacing

The subnets we just created are associated with our public routing table which will route traffic through the Internet Gateway Device. We can now create an Elastic Load Balancer using the documentation link above. When you get to the page to select the subnets you want to make sure you select the subnets we just created. You then want to select the instances that you wish to load balance traffic to. You should make sure you configure your health checks correct and assuming your security groups allow traffic from the Elastic Load balancers subnet or security group to the webservers your instances will soon report healthy and you will be able to access your content using the new load balancer URL (assuming your configuration permits this).

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