This is my random corner of the internet where I can showcase various projects I have been working on, and ramble in my blog about various technical subjets. I often find that I come across challenging and interesting problems throughout the day and I think documenting these is not only important for myself, but important so that hopefully others who run into similiar problems can read and hopefully overcome those challenges.

These days most of time is spent on building out systems on Amazon Web Services utilizing various tools I have written or developing chef cookbooks for managing hundreds of systems. My blog posts will generally revolve around this work.

Recent Posts

Redundant SFTP Servers with AWS: Route53

With Amazon I recently ran into a case where I needed an SFTP service that was accessible to the internet but could survive up to 2x AWS availability zone outages. Sadly, amazon only allows certain ports to be load balanced using the Elastic Load Balancers. Since we could not use any other...

Elastic Load Balancing to VPC instances on a private subnet

Generally, when creating an elastic load balancer inside a VPC you are load balancing to a set of servers that are inside a public subnet (which routes through the IGW device). Each of these instances has it's own elastic IP and while elastic IPs are free you may want to move your web servers...

Akismet: Simple Comment Spam Filtering

So I have developed a few websites in the past year that included blogs. One of the big issues is comment spam. Normally the standard procedure has been to implement reCaptcha. While I do love helping to digitze books recently several methods have come to light for bypassing reCaptcha. The amount...

Latest Projects



I decided to develop SeedData.net after developing several rails applications and realizing just how important having a lot of seeddata is. I wanted to focus on not only data generation but how to use it as well. I documented how seed data can be used and some methods under a how to. This site is...



I migrated off of github to gitlab for several projects in order to save costs. When I was doing this, I also wanted to add an irc bot that could announce commits inside a channel. I looked around at some of the existing bots but they generally didnt work or had not been updated in a while. This...



Mussh was born when i needed to run the same command on hundreds of machines at the same time. While the project I developed this for relies heavily on chef, occasionally you might need to remove a file on a number of machines or do some other task. While bash loops had worked great for a...